Sunday, 2 August 2015


Hello everyone! 
I've finally found the guts to start my own blog! But this isn't my first blog; I actually started a blog a while back and eventually fell out of love with the name which resulted in me not wanting to share anymore posts on that blog :'(. For what feels like forever, I've been trying to think of a new name; a name that sums up me and my personality but I just couldn't think of anything unique or that I loved enough :(. After all the thinking and brainstorming of ideas, it comes to my attention that I am THE MOST indecisive person ever. It even left me debating whether or not I should even bother blogging - again something I just couldn't make a decision about. People closest to me will know I find it difficult even deciding what to have for dinner most nights hence why I have settled (I think lol) on naming my blog 'Indecisive Emma'.

A little bit about me:

I'm 22 years old and work full time as a teaching assistant whilst studying for my degree. I live with my partner of 7 years and our two cats; they're adorable!
Pebbles & Bam-Bam

I am your 'typical' girly-girl - a self confessed shopaholic - who loves make-up, nail polish, perfumes and any beauty lotions and potions. As well as this, I love to craft and create and think there's nothing better than handmade, DIY gifts and treasures. 

Over the past couple of years, I have discovered YouTube and may have become slightly *cough - majorly - cough* obsessed with watching people like Zoella and Tanya Burr and learning how they apply their make up or how they up-keep a good skin care routine. 
Alongside this, I found Pinterest, which I am also obsessed with as it is the fuel to my creative fire and is constantly there to give me new ideas and inspirations for craft projects. 

Leading on from this, I felt like I wanted my own corner of the internet as a space to share my lifestyle tips and my craft projects and tutorials (plus much more..) as I love writing and sharing advice. I think the blogging community and blogosphere is an incredible place and would love to be a part of it! :)

I really hope you enjoy my blog! Please leave the link to your blog in the comments as I'd love to read them all! 



  1. Welcome to the blogging community, I'm sure you're going to love it :) Look forward to reading more posts from you.

    My blog is where I share lifestyle posts, blogging tips and much more! Feel free to check it out if you wish x

    1. Thanks so much! I will definitely check it out! Thanks! Emma x

  2. I love your cats!!! Good luck with your new blog - I deleted mine earlier this year as I was getting 0 views and lost the direction of where it was going, so I have now started a new one at

    also I've followed you on blogger - can't wait to see what your new posts are about :)

    Yasmin X

    1. Thank you!! I will definitely check your blog out! Emma x

  3. Good luck with your new blog, from one Emma to another.


  4. Welcome Emma and hope you enjoy blogging.Will read more if your stuff soon x

  5. Welcome to the blogosphere Emma, from another Emma :)
    Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with blogging, good luck.
    Would love it if you'd check out my blog too!! I'm over at


    1. Thank you! I will check yours out now! x